• QA Mike Sheldon


      An interview about Ubuntu Touch with Mike Sheldon from the UBPorts Telegram group chat. Mike was part of the System Apps team at Canonical for over three years.[…]

    • ubports Webapp


      Ubports is a mobile operating system that does not collect personal data. It looks beautiful and is easy to use :). My favorite.[…]

    • megukana


      Megukana is a flashcard application for learning hiragana and katakana. Use up, down, left and right keys or mouse/touch to raise and swipe the card. Click the settings button at the top left to change deck settings.[…]

    • new site


      This site is relaunched today! It uses a unique static system developed to quickly build and customize web interfaces. I hope it runs quickly for you and is fun to use :).[…]

    • El Cid


      Cortex Accelera will be playing in a live show at El Cid in Silverlake on 7/10. Its a free event celebrating his new released record 'The Place We Went To'.[…]

    • Royal Crown


      I did finish a GREAT new video and the production quality is very high in this one.[…]

    • Stobo Update


      I've made an update to Stobo. It's a bug-fix update, -minor bugs that I've noticed over the last week or two:[…]

    • spring time


      Do you feel a potent creative energy in the air right now? Is it the spring sunshine...?[…]

    • Tape Out


      I finished rendering my animation today! I've been working on it for a long time.[…]

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