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I've been spending a lot of my time writing javascript and am announcing access to more of my software today.

Scroungejs is software that I've written for deploying browser-scripts and stylesheets. It will concatenate, compress and timestamp files for your web site. I prefer it as a solution to many of the problems that surround the deployment of browser-scripts.

I've also released This is a small demo-reel website that uses node.js to render pages with javascript. The site uses scroungejs for its deployment process.

I'll release a few more scripts later this week. Stay tuned.

---- later in the future ---
I added a new project to my github page -some cryptography code that I found useful.

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El Cid

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Cortex Accelera will be playing in a live show at El Cid in Silverlake on 7/10. Its a free event celebrating his new released record 'The Place We Went To'.

He remade the score for our video work, 'Royal Crown'. Hear it in the media section of this site. The media section is updated to serve html5 video (was previously flash).

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Writing JavaScript

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I have:

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Making Waves

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I finished a sinewave animation and there's a demonstration page that displays various sinewave videos made during production. The results are surprisingly dynamic. The fun part of this project involved writing a Common Lisp program for generating the sinewaves and this required a few things in addition to writing a sinewave function. There are functions for drawing circles and connecting lines. There's a class for generating exponential curves...

It'll be appearing in a video.
Something To Come Undone, dir. Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, 2010

I only corresponded with Anna through email, but I want to give her a positive review. She was on schedule, productive, relaxed and reasonable and just pleasant to work with. How many people can 'pull things off like that? Not many people can.

Here are two tiny code pieces from sinewave.lisp. 'Live on, Common Lisp!

(defmethod  coords-to-canvas (coords rgba (canvas image-canvas))
  (mapcar #'(
lambda (xy)
              (pixel-to-canvas xy rgba canvas))

(defmacro when-inside (frame bgn end &body body)
when (and (>= ,frame ,bgn)
              (<= ,frame ,end))

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Stobo Update

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I've made an update to Stobo. It's a bug-fix update, -minor bugs that I've noticed over the last week or two:

I spent the winter writing Lisp and C code. The C language has prompted me to be smarter in some areas, -my documentation is much better and my algorithms are simpler. The Lisp code has made me more comfortable with functional programming.

I have nostalgia for Stobo and I'll continue using it, but it looks brittle to me now.

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Well, -that last post wasn't pure C. A python script converted the ascii to html...

import sys
import os

def whitespace_to_nbsp(text):
  return text.replace(" ", " ")
def main(argv):
  file_to_convert = None #name of file
    file_to_convert = sys.argv[1]
  except IndexError, e:
    print "no filename given"
    file_to_convert = 0
  if file_to_convert: 
      FILE = open(sys.argv[1], 'r')       
      for line in FILE.readlines():
        print whitespace_to_nbsp(line) + ""       
    except IOError:
      print "!!! unable to open ", file_to_convert

if (__name__ == '__main__'):

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Made with Pure C

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##                       #                        ##
  ###                     #                    ###
     ###                 #                  ###
        ###               #              ###
           ###           #            ###
              ###         #        ###
                 ###     #      ###
                    ###   #  ###
                    ###  #   ###
                 ###      #     ###
              ###        #         ###
           ###            #           ###
        ###              #               ###
     ###                  #                 ###
  ###                    #                     ###
##                        #                       ##

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Royal Crown

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I've been so focused on the things I'm doing now that I never took the time to post an update here. I did finish a GREAT new video and the production quality is very high in this one.


I'm experimenting with embedded video players for the media section here. There's a test version of the media page with some flash video players at the bottom (here). Flash's F4V format is great at showing most of the videos I've made, but Royal Crown doesn't compress well in F4V so I'm not sure if I'll use Flash or not. I'll figure something out before the end of next week and make the video available at that time, -eh here's a 640x480 version for you to download until then.

I have pulled some of my software off of this page and I will rarely add software to it in the future. If you want to see a sample of my PHP or Actionscript send me an email with your name and phone number in it and I'll get back to you.

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Update to Stobo

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I've made several improvements to Stobo recently. It looks the same but I removed a few bugs that popped up during production use and the user interface has been tightened up. Stobo is very stable and very responsive.

Here's a quick run-down of some changes that were made.

Stobo is multi-platform, but was built for linux and so it will look best if it's used in a linux environment.

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Math Collage

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A math course kept me extremely busy.

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Sunset Index

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sunset index

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Room in June

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It was one of those fun and productive-type weekends. This update brings another short video to the media section. A minor update to Stobo was made. Image transformations now affect the image in the preview window.

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HTML page added, Stobo upgraded

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I've finished a new HTML page -check it out.

I've also updated Stobo. I updated the *.ico file and so now it contains multiple sizes of icon (32x32, 24x24, 16x16). Icon loading was changed so that it works better in windows environments. 'Also fixed...

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New Project Finished

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I finished building a web site for my friend Tim. You can see it at

What can I say? I design and build effective products.

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Spring time :)

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Do you feel a potent creative energy in the air right now? Is it the spring sunshine...? I don't know, but I like it. It's that great time for meeting new people and doing new things. If you're not feeling it, go on an evening drive with the windows rolled down and then you will feel it.

I've updated Stobo. I removed or optimized algorithms that were slowing Stobo down and I fixed a broken reference in the stop button's event handler. It's running much better now and so if you did download the first release, I recommend upgrading immediately. The newest release is production-ready, -I'm using it for a production right now. You should too, and if you're using OSX, you should let me know how it's working out for you, as I don't have OSX myself.

Here's an image of me working on Stobo earlier today...

me working on Stobo

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Today I'm releasing Stobo-1.0

stobo on linux

The 1.0'ness of this release signifies my opinion that Stobo is fully functional software. It has not been idiot-proofed yet, but that'll've happened in the 2.0 release.

Here's what Stobo is. It's the missing stop-motion link in the free software chain. Stobo will 'listen' to a directory and will recognize image files if any appear in the directory. All image files in the directory are automatically copied, formatted, renamed, and saved to another location (for example, a network-mounted directory).

It's free. it's cross-platform. It's camera-agnostic. It's easy to use. If you don't see the utility of this, you are either a) not a stopmotion animator, b) using the wrong work-flow or c) you are person who likes spending money (don't be ashamed).

If you are 'c)', I still recommend that you take a look at Stobo. If you use Stobo, you'll be able to access the developer, me, for suggestions or help at any time. Note: I do love you, but don't abuse that :).

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fractal image

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I've just finished a re-haul of bumblehead's php engine and am celebrating with this new post!

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Actionscript Development

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In my opinion, this is THE best setup for developing actionscript software outside of Flex and in some cases it's better than Flex.

draft ui

Here are the tools I use:

  1. Vim -editor,
  2. FlexSDK -compiler,
  3. Firefox/FlashTracer/Fsh, -debugger

This is a cross-platform setup. Its free and it allows you to build, test and debug actionscript programs using little to no mouse activity.

The first part of the setup, -the editor. I use Vim/Gvim. All of the servers I regularly ssh into have vim installed on them. I installed Gvim on windows, vim on cygwin, and vim on linux and so there's no paradigm-shift each time I use one platform or the other.

Besides, I found that vim was the only free windows editor worth looking at. The next best thing would be Jedit or Kate, but Jedit requires you to start a local java machine and has unusual hotkeys and Kate for windows can't edit files via ftp. Download vim and install it.

Vim is customizeable and so you can give vim access to the flex-sdk compiler, the fsh shell, and your web-browser. Customize Gvim/vim by creating and editing a configuration file. My configuration file (below) contains elements for different vim implementations and operating systems.

For windows (Vista here) you'll create/edit this file named '_vimrc' here: C:\\Program Files (x86)\Vim\_vimrc. For cygwin/linux, you'll edit a file named .vimrc found here: ~/.vimrc.

Download or copy my vimrc and un-comment the sections for your system and change some of the directory paths if necessary.

The config file creates vim commands for using the mxmlc compiler and firefox web-browser. Download the flex-sdk (mxmlc) package here. Un-pack it and find compilers inside the "bin" directory. The compiler named 'mxmlc.exe' is for windows and 'mxmlc' is a compiler for linux/osx. Use the command "/path/to/mxmlc /path/to/ -o /path/to/new.swf" to compile '' into 'new.swf'. The sdk also comes with fcsh, a shell for compiling big actionscript projects.

Download Firefox and install it. Firefox has add-on packages for debugging flash, php, html/css and others that I find very useful. In this case, you'll want to locate the FlashTracer add-on and set that up as well. Get FlashTracer here.


The config file for vim accesses the compiler with the line that looks like this:
command Swf :! /home/duck/Software/flex_sdk_3/bin/mxmlc "%"

Using vim, the command ':Swf' will compile your .as file to .swf. The command ':Preview' opens the .swf with firefox.

You'll also want to download this actionscript.vim and put it inside your vim syntax directory.

On vista, mine is here:
C:\\Program Files (x86)\Vim\_vimrc.
On linux, mine is here:

There's also the NERDTree plugin, read about it and find it here.

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Tape Out!!

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I finished rendering my animation today! I've been working on it for a long time. I was determined to use linux to get all of the digital work done. The path was forsaken and often un-clear, but I finally made it to the end.

The club of people making stop-motion on linux is so small that I have not found anyone else who is a member. How many people out there use linux? How many people are making stop motion? I rest my case.

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